Mini Press-brake project part 1

I needed to be able to bend metal for a project at 90 degrees and with varying thicknesses up to around 3mm with lengths up to 350mm, a professional press-brake was simply out of the question and some of the home-builds on youtube which were made of bits of angle-iron did not look too useful. I had a 20t hydraulic press that had a column width of 450mm so making a tool to fit this seemed ideal.

press-brake build 1

Professional tooling and the start of my frame build

After some research I found tooling for professional machines was available on eBay and also in short lengths that would fit nicely in my press. A dual channel bottom die was bought with V widths of 12mm and 22mm this would allow a good range of thicknesses to be folded withing my range, this was limited by the 20t of pressure I had available in the press.

For the top tool I chose a swan-neck design as they allow U-shaped folds to be made easily, both tools were for the common Euro style or Adama press-brake machines, these were the cheapest.

A simple frame was built from some 4″ x 3/4″ steel plate, this was used as the base plate and the beam support for the top tool. Upright columns were 1″ steel rounds about 300mm long. The base was made to just fit between the columns of my press, the tooling was 415mm long.


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