Plasma Pricing Program

I have written a small program to assist with pricing jobs for plasma cutting etc, it is free to use although donations are gratefully accepted of course – details are on the “About” tab. There is no support as such for it but I can usually answer questions when I get a chance via email only please.

It is a small windows-32bit application package, written in Visual Basic. Designed for me ūüėČ and I use SheetCam for my CAM work – this gives me the number of pierces in a job, the total length of cut in a job and the area of material needed, these values are needed to work a price out with this application. It creates a custom report layout for SheetCam to export the required data.


Click HERE to download the zipped full installer package.
Uploaded on 24/09/2015.

To install simply unzip and run the installer as usual, this will install the program plus some default settings files which can be edited as required to suit your materials etc. Only use this package if you have not installed the program on your PC before. Please also download the most recent executable file below as the installer will not be updated regularly.

Click HERE to download the most recent zipped executable only (will not run alone Рthis is for users who have already run the installer above before).
Uploaded on 23/12/2018.

To install simply unzip the file and then drop the new file in place of the older one. It is strongly recommended you make a backup copy of your working program first.

Changes in this update:-
Slight alteration to allow unto 350% material markup.

Changes in previous updates:-

The settings file for measurement units and/or currency can now be unlocked and edited from within the program – this was enabled as Windows10 was making it hard to change if not set correctly upon install.
Major bug fix relative to setup error on loading in Windows7+ OS, the setup reminder will show and you need to enter the correct path to your material costs file – this usually the same as the Labour rates costs file in the box above it..
Minor bug fixes with new part saving.
Added a “notes” field for each project part.
Fixed a bug where the “primer” option was not saved.
Fixed the “save” option so it now only asks for the filename if its not already known, if it is known then the data is just updated.
You can now choose whether to print a restricted item customer project quote or a full business quote.
You can now customise the finishing process names, use the setup page, self explanatory ūüôā
Modified the editing of material costs data file
Added the option to set the locations of the metal and labour costs data files
Added the option to remove costs from the grand total – saves using a calculator
Added primer only to finishing costs
Fixed printed report issues with missing data
Other minor tweaksMore  alterations to Inch calculations
Alterations to Inch calculations,
Company name is now customisable,
Other minor changes and fixes.
Lots – added a galvanise finishing option, moved the qty discount to the project total page to more accurately price projects made of multiple parts, moved the minimum finishing costs to the project total page to calculate multiple part projects correctly.

Future updates will be posted on this page when ready.

Please note – as this software is distributed freely, NO liability is accepted for any errors, omissions or for any loss incurred by using the software. This is NOT bloatware or crippleware – there are no adverts, no nagging reminders, it’s just a simple little program that is proving very useful.

Thanks for looking.

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