About Me

CRW_2862I was born in 1963 in North London, England.
My interest in all things electrical and mechanical started long before I left school. My favourite subjects were Physics and Metalwork and not a lot else !

I am now married to a wonderful person and we have three children, six grandchildren and a west highland terrier !

I started work at 16 as a printer and soon learnt to repair the machines myself, I also started doing the factory wiring and so on. After a few job changes, all in printing, I started working for my brother and his wife in their craft oriented greetings card company, again in the print side of the business.

Thirteen years later (2007), I am now the production manager and run a large print room with eleven staff and a vast range of machinery. I have now progressed to building custom machines using PLC controls and compressed air drive with four successes to date, a twin head bag sealer, a massive ten station suction feed collator, a sheetfed inkjet barcode printer for coding the reverse side of their range of peeloff stickers and a card creasing machine.

I enjoy building things that do not have clear-cut designs. They require the maximum use of my ingenuity and resourcefulness which leads to great satisfaction when complete.

I discovered Tesla Coils some time ago but it was only recently that I became interested enough to try and build one. They are fascinating devices because there are no real plans for them, you can’t realistically buy all the parts for one off-the-shelf, you have to design most of the stuff yourself around the materials you can get hold of.

If made correctly, the end result is that they make utterly ridiculous amounts of electricity !!

I also have a keen interest in digital photography and used to run my clubs’ web site which can be accessed from the links on the left.

After acquiring a nice Boxford lathe and small milling machine I could finally indulge in my all-time favourite pastime of making things out of metal. Checkout my engineering pages to see what’s going on. I have a strong interest in live steam as well and that seemed to fit well with the new workshop, you can see the results in my blog pages.

In 2007, we moved house, the children moved out, and I now have an excellent double garage for my home workshop – a home business was also started – DD Metal Products Ltd.

More machinery was installed and I can make pretty much anything now.

It’s now 2020 and I retired from full-time employment in 2019 as the company closed, after 12 years of running my own business both part-time and full-time, I have now decided to close that down due to ongoing health issues which the work was not helping.

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