Dave Kearley

Hi, I’m Dave Kearley, thanks for looking at my website.

This site is mostly an archive of my engineering, DIY and electronic projects, most of it has been rebuilt from the original site in a “Blog” style, the projects are listed under “Categories” on the right. The posts are in approximate date order within each category.

Among my other pastimes I have built both a quarter-scale and a half-scale traction engine which have been very enjoyable, you can follow my progress here or find a more detailed study in the three books that I have published titled “A Dream Comes True” and “Little Samson 2” these are available in my outlets and are still getting fantastic reviews, part one was featured in the April 2008 issue of “Old Glory” magazine¬†and part two in the September 2008 issue.

The Tesla Coiling pages should be entertaining to any budding high voltage experimenters! They are stunning devices and although extremely dangerous, are quite easy to build.

Following its closure, I am now converting the double garage I used for my home-business into a games room, you can follow the conversion here.

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