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My collection consists entirely of spring, pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) or CO2 powered pellet or BB firing guns and rifles in .177 and .22 calibre. There are no live-fire weapons here, no images of hunting, and nothing depicted here is suitable in any way for ‘home’ or ‘self’ defence use. All of my guns are designed and used solely for target shooting at a range for the PCP’s, or for back garden ‘plinking’ fun for the lower power BB guns. In line with current UK law, all rifles, guns or sub machine guns (SMG’s) that would have been fully automatic in the real version are restricted to semi-automatic only.

My background and hobby

I started air-rifle target shooting way back in 2002 with a single PCP rifle, the Air Arms S200. Apart from a couple of new target rifles and a pistol, my hobby stayed this way until I discovered the world of BB replica guns early in 2021. Having a keen interest in most things gun related I soon found a new branch to the hobby: collecting replicas that were of historical or TV & Film interest.

I am basing my collection of CO2 powered replica air rifles and guns on a few simple criteria:-

  • They need to be as accurate as possible in appearance to the real firearm
  • Use a loading system as close to the real firearm as possible
  • Have a very similar weight as the real firearm
  • Be well known historically or featured in films that I like

CO2 Replica Pistols

CO2 Replica Revolvers

CO2 Replica Rifles and SMG’s

PCP & Spring Air Rifles and Pistols


A great place for all CO2 replica collectors is the “Replica Airgun Forum“, a UK based forum packed with information and a mine of help and advice if needed.

For all types of airgun including PCP and spring powered types there is “Airgun Forum” – a UK based forum filled with just about everything airgun related.