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Where It All Started

A few pictures of the basic machinery I started out with…


My lovely Boxford 5″ vari-speed lathe in its new home. It’s a late model machine and is in excellent condition.


The Bridgeport 48″ bed, universal mill. My favourite machine.


My 1968 Colchester Student lathe, with gap-bed for large diameter work. It is a much sturdier machine than the Boxford and is a dream to operate. Despite its age, all of its functions still operate fully. The three-phase power required is created with a variable frequency drive.


The Meddings pillar drill, another eBay purchase, it was fully stripped and re-built with a nice coat of paint and a new chuck, it is still very accurate despite its age.

Following a house move, my equipment is now housed in a double garage, a model engineers paradise 🙂
I had to arrange a HiAb lifting lorry to deliver the machines and hire lifting equipment to get them off the pallets.