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Small Garden Shed

It’s early 2017 and the old shed had collapsed through rot, no idea how old it was because it was there when we moved in.

The design

I was building this shed at the same time as my workshop/garage extension shed (see here) so it meant I could order the materials in one go and save delivery etc. The design was the same – it uses treated 2×3″ timbers clad with 12mm x 100mm treated pine tongue and groove. The roof is heavy-duty EPDM rubber sheet, glued to marine grade 20mm ply sheet.

Building it

The old shed was emptied, and the site cleared, space was restricted but there was a concrete base in place albeit poorly laid and on a slope.

Area cleared and levels being checked

The panels were built as a self-assembly kit, this meant I could build it all on trestles at waist height so no back-breaking work on the ground etc. Below is the door was finished, upside down.

Door wall finished
The back wall being treated

Assembly was a simple matter of lifting the panels into place and fixing together with galvanised decking screws.

Floor down and back wall fited
Three sides fitted and fixed
Being a cool spring build, all the waste went through the fire-pit
The finished build


This was an easy, fun build, the result was a strong shed that should hopefully last a good few years. This style of self-assembly build does use slightly more timber as the corners are all doubled but the little increase in cost is far outweighed by the ease of build and not having to have access to all sides.

The cost was about the same as a good pre-made shed but the quality is 10x better.


It’s now late 2021 and the shed is still as mint as the day it was built, almost full but thats expected 😉