Home Automation – Fun With The House Part 3

Home Assistant had been running ok for a while, the learning was progressing and I now had several “Flows” configured – these are groups of sequences placed together to make things easier to find later – you could have flows for say Living Room, Kitchen, Outside etc and put sequences that are relative to each area in them for instance.

I then ran into a problem – the SD card died. This was surprising as it was only 4 weeks old but I had read that using them as a storage device in a computer really hammers them and they will die sooner or later. Luckily I had a similar SD card in the car dash-cam so that was put to work as a temporary fix – one big downside to home automation this way is that if the controller or your hub dies, you have no control at all – you cannot even put a light on easily if it’s a smart bulb.

So having got it all back up and running again on the temporary SD card – this took about two hours as I made sure I kept backups, I decided things needed to be made a little more sturdy. Some reading showed that the best option is to fit a small SSD drive, these are very cheap now and used in laptops etc.

I got a Western Digital 120Gb drive for £18 on Amazon which is silly-cheap really. Naturally the SSD is bigger than an SD card so a way of connecting it is needed, luckily there are many ways, I chose an SSD piggyback mount which fits onto the Raspberry Pi directly….

That solved the mounting, but we then needed a bigger case….

The new case also meant the Pi would get a bit warmer so we add a cooling fan which piggybacks on the top of the Pi…

When it’s all screwed together, it makes an impressive little stack of things, fits nicely in the steel case and is a pretty powerful little computer…

All good fun so far…..


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