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Air Arms S510R Ultimate


After many years of shooting an Air Arms S200 PCP rifle, the time had come in 2021 to buy a new one. I tried many at the gun shop but as soon as I picked up the new offering from Air Arms, the S510R Ultimate Sporter, I knew that it was the one for me.

I liked the adjustable stock, the fit and feel of the rifle plus the overall quality. The “R” in the title stands for regulated – the pressure from the air cylinder is regulated before use, this gives a flatter, almost non-existent power curve to the shots which leads to easier use and more consistent shooting. They do make a non-regulated version as well.

The S510R left side

The quality of this rifle is amazing, the side-lever cocking bolt is silky smooth and pops home with a lovely “click” that just needs to be heard. The two 10 shot magazines provided are easy to load and reliable in use, there is no single-shot option.

Being a carbine rifle, the barrel is fairly short but it’s still proving to be a very accurate rifle at the range. The moderator/silencer is a quality one from Air Arms and works well to remove a lot of the crack from each shot. The specs list air fill pressure as a max of 250Bar, I prefer to run at 200Bar as I only have a 3ltr dive bottle and it soon drops to below 250Bar in use.

The S510R right side

It’s not a low cost purchase but if you only buy a new rifle every 10 years or so, then I think it makes sense to get one of the best. The previous S200 was still going strong when I sold it after 18 years!


  • Calibre: .177 pellet
  • Capacity: 10 shot magazine
  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Length: 1010mm
  • Air usage: around 90 shots per fill
  • Scope: Hawke 3 to 12 x 40mm AMX second focal plane