VTTC – Results 4

After getting a bit fed up with smalltime results, I decided to rebuild my power supply section. I am now running the plate and grid2 from seperate, variac controlled microwave oven transformers, both running standard level shifter setups. This means that I have got much more than enough power to seriously thrash this thing ! I can now set the plate voltage at 2000v and then vary the output by turning the grid2 supply from 0 – 600v. The setup now looks like this…

VTTC setup 2

New layout

The results speak for themselves! It now spits out 220mm streamers which look like daggers and hums like a power substation ! I have a bit more work to do yet but it’s getting there.


Near cut-off

Above is a scope picture of the emmitted field around the coil with it running at near cut-off with no visible output. The signal was picked up with a 200mm antenna about 1 meter away from the coil as i don’t like getting the scope too near it.


While discharging

This picture was taken using the same setup but with the coil emitting a 50mm discharge.


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