The Support Column

Picture 3

The support column in the lathe

The column was setup in the lathe for the inner surfaces of the top and bottom plates and the outer surface of the bottom plate to be machined. The spigot in centre of the base plate was left on as there is a large hole in the main base for it. The base plate was machined first as the top plate had to be a set distance from it.

Picture 4

Milling the top

The column in the mill having it’s top surface machined to dimension. Setting the column squarely to the direction of cut was the hardest bit. I could have used a longer mill but did not have one so I had to set locating blocks to allow me to rotate the column half a turn and get it back in the same position.

Picture 5

Cutting the arm slots

The top of the column having the slots cut for the entablature arms, these support the parallell linkage for the piston rod. I used a narrow slot drill for these and set the width of cut using the table traverse scales. The end result was a perfect fit 🙂

Picture 6


The base, column and entablature arms being test fitted.

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