The Cylinder and Piston

Picture 9



The cylinder block being bored. The end face has already been turned at this setup so that it is true to the bore when finished, this will be the piston rod end of the cylinder.

The ugly lump of metal in the left foreground is a counterweight to balance the heavy angle plate that I used to mount the job. I should have got a much bigger boring bar for this job as the extension needed to get through the cylinder was far too much for the little bar I had. But, with a little patience, it did the job nicely.

Picture 10



The part finished cylinder and bottom cover plate. This cover is used to bolt the cylinder down to the base of the engine.

Picture 11



The top cover mounted on the rotary table having it’s six equally spaced mounting holes drilled. It is fixed to a scrap mounting plate with a screw through the centre hole which is then bolted to the drill. Setting up took ages but the results are near perfect so it was worth it.

Picture 12



The cylinder with piston and cover plate. The groove in the piston is for a rubber ‘O’ ring.

Picture 13



The finished cylinder complete with packing glands, steam inlet flange and valve chest

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