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Snowpeak PP800


I wanted a PCP air pistol suitable for use in a small garden, I only have 12m of possible range, against a concrete garage backstop. The PP800 was recommended on a forum and was available at good price in many outlets.

The PP800 right side

It comes with iron sights but due to my wearing glasses for close work, it means I can not use any iron sights as they are totally out of focus without glasses, with glasses I can see the sights ok but not the target.

The answer was to fit a Hawke Red-Dot sight – these do not magnify the target but instead present a holographic red dot where the pistol is aimed inside the sight tube. No red dot is visible outside and they are not laser sights. In use the red-dot is great and a very accurate targeting aid.

The PP800 is a very accurate pistol, ideal for target or plinking use at distances of around 10 to 20yds, maybe a bit more with a rest bag in use.

The PP800 left side

The pistol comes with a 9-shot magazine and a single-shot loading tray which is held in the breech area by a magnet. The bolt action is smooth but fairly heavy as it is a direct acting bolt. CO2 usage is good, yielding some 50-60 shots in the usable power range before a refill is needed, it runs at a max of 200Bar pressure.

The grip is extremely comfortable with one or two-hand grip styles, its a fairly light pistol, the trigger is adjustable in weight and very responsive.


Calibre: .177″ pellet

Capacity: single or 9 shot magazine

Weight: 970g

Length: 379mm