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23rd August 2022

Just finished a round-the-UK trip in the Daher TBM930, took a coastal route and flew most of it manually so I could take in the sights. I was thinking of recording it but it would mean some 18 hours of video and I doubt anyone would want to sit through that 🙂

The airports I used are listed here, I chose an anti-clockwise direction for no special reason. Total distance flown was around 2300 miles.

  • London City (EGLC)
  • Norwich (EGSH)
  • Humberside (EGNJ)
  • Newcastle (EGNT)
  • Dyce (EGPD)
  • Inverness (EGPE)
  • Wick (EGPC)
  • Plockton (EG29)
  • Glasgow (EGPF)
  • Carlisle (EGNC)
  • Valley (EGOV)
  • Swansea (EGFH)
  • Chivenor (EGDC)
  • St Mawgan (EGHQ)
  • Exeter (EGTE)
  • Bournemouth (EGHH)
  • Shoreham (EGKA)
  • London City (EGLC)

My conclusion was that the coast of the UK is a wonderful place, some fantastic views, I had to buzz the Blackpool Tower and the white cliffs of Dover naturally. The Scottish Highlands are outstanding as were the Welsh valleys. The downside to a coastal trip is wind turbulence, it can get very rough at the transition from land to coast and means you are constantly correcting the plane. I would love to do this trip in real life.

23rd September 2022

I took my new Spitfire for some trips and general fun. London has been generally avoided due to graphics issues in the X-Box but a recent update has fixed that now and its working well.

Spitfire over London City

I had to do the “Tower Bridge” challenge, great fun.

Buzzing Tower Bridge in the Spitfire

The white Cliffs of Dover needed a low-level flypast.

The white cliffs of Dover in the Spitfire

Some fun with a jet liner coming in to land at London Heathrow.

Tailing a jet at Heathrow