SGTC – Second Test

The weather was not much better than it was when I first tested my coil, I joined it all together again, retreated to my newly finished control box and pressed the ‘go’ button.

Nothing happened ! After a bit of head scratching, I realised I had wired it up a bit on the wrong side of correct ! A touch of intense fiddling later, all was well and it was running as it was before.

This time, following a few improvements made over the Christmas break, I was a bit bolder and cranked up the power to maximum. It made a bit more noise and nothing smoked so I decided to start opening up the main spark gap, step by step from its present minimum setting. This has the effect of letting the tank capacitor bank charge to a higher voltage and this increases the output voltage from the coil. After opening it to about 50% of maximum, the coil was beginning to really come to life!



I was getting heavy 18-20″ arcs to my ground wire and there was a healthy blue corona glow all around the topload. The noise made by the arcs was beginning to reach the levels where the neighbours were twitching their curtains so I limited it to very short runs.

It really does make a lot of noise!, I was surprised as I had never heard a sound like this before, it really does have to heard to be believed. Anyway, the weather was changing to wet, so it was hurriedly stripped down and returned to the warm again.

Another success! On with the fiddling…


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