OSVTTC – The Circuit

The components to the left of C5 form the oscillator circuit, C5 is the coupling capacitor and the mid-section is the power amplifier stage. The output of the oscillator is around 100v p-p and a sort of rough sine-wave. The main tube needs around 300v p-p though and the power amp boosts the signal to this level. C3 is the coupling capacitor for the main output tube, I intend to have a few feet of screened cable here to give me some safety distance from the output, to the right of C3 is the Tesla circuit itself. The lower, ground rail is connected to the main ground line. This project requires no less than four different supply voltages, all of them termed as “High Voltage”.


Main circuit

C1/C2 – 22pF.
C3/C4/C5/C6 – 10nF.
R1 – 5k 20W.
R13 – 470k 1W Potentiometer to control the amplifier grid drive level.
R6/R7 – 10k 1W.
R8/R9/R10 – 10k 11W.
R11/R12 – 100k Dual Ganged Potentiometer.
R17 – 100k.
R16 – 100k Potentiometer for adjusting the control grid bias level.
R18 – 100ohm Grid stopper.
X1/X2 – 12AU7 Tube.
X3 – EL34 Tube.
X4 – GU81-m Power tube.
R15/L1 100ohm 10w resistor with 15 turns of insulated wire wound over.

I will post some oscilloscope pictures as soon as I have some.

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