OSVTTC – Power Supply

K1 / K2 – Microwave oven transformers, 2100v output.
K3 – Mid power supply transformer for Oscillator, grid bias and small tube heaters.
K4 – 12.6v 10A Filament transformer for output tube.
C1 / C2 / C3 – Microwave oven capacitors.
D1 / D2 – Microwave oven diodes.
C4 / C5 – 470uF Smoothing Capacitors.
C6 / C7 – 0.1uF Filament Decoupling Capacitors.
R1 / R2 – 220k Bleeder Resistors.
D3 / D4 / D5 / D6 – 1N4007 Rectifier Bridge.

Yes, thats 4 large and heavy power transformers ! K1 & K2 are supplied via individual variacs so I can control the output tube parameters fully. The bleeder resistors are there for my safety while testing. Should suck a few watts when I power the beast up 🙂


Power supply


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