Home Automation – Fun With The House Part 8

Things are working pretty well, I have added more motion sensors to control lights where possible, I have also added remote control blind ‘pullers’ to the blinds in the living and dining rooms – having these close and open based on daylight and time is a massive smart-home boost. The blind motors are a neat little box that sits on the wall and simply pulls the blind chain. They contain a large rechargeable battery with an expected 6 month life and the Zigbee control.

I did have a weird failure today though, one of the RGB controllers for the living room LED light strips was permanently showing as on even though the actual lights were off. Sounds harmless but many automation routines are based upon the current state of a light or switch etc, if that state is not what it seems then things really get screwy 🙂

I checked all the routines as i had been tinkering a bit recently, nothing wrong there, nothing showing in the history logs which was a bit odd. Turn the light off in Home Assistant and it immediately pops back on, even though the real light was off all the time.

In the end it needed the power to the controller removing which reset it and all returned to normal. My guess is that the controller had crashed and was repeatedly sending out ” I am on ” messages on the Zigbee network when it was really off. Home Assistant was doing its job correctly and telling me it was on but I was looking for the fault in the wrong place.

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