The Kit – Getting Started

The kit comes as a heavy box of castings and metal parts. No engineering is pre-done and all parts are
supplied in a rough cast or cut state, vacuum sealed on to a card backing.

The quality of Stuart castings is extremely high and the more difficult small shapes are cast in brass or gunmetal.

This is one of the largest kits they supply that come complete with all fixings, the
larger ones require you to make or find all of the nuts and bolts too.

The first thing to do is to identify all the metal against the plan. As there were so many parts,
I put each bit in a labelled bag so it could be found easily later.

Then you need to formulate a plan of attack for each bit, some of the items require quite
a bit of thought and several cups of coffee as they are very odd shapes.

Next you need to pick a starting point and make another coffee.

I chose the base pedestal and the crankshaft outrigger support as they looked
quite simple and were relatively large lumps.

Once these are done, all of the other parts fit onto them so you can then choose an area to work on and fit it against the base as as you go.

Many of the parts fit into other parts very closely, so it is important that they are made in the
correct order as it can be very hard to make a hole smaller once it is drilled!

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