Games Room Conversion Part 8

Got going on the wall lining today, I was glad to see my idea of backing strips to support the filler panels worked 100% and kept the faces all nice and level…

Backing strips to support the filler panels

Filler panel fixed to the backing strips

It gave a very good joint between the two main panels, a little filler and it will look great. I managed to get two walls completely finished, waiting for more plywood sheets again – I split the deliveries as carrying the sheets from the driveway to the garage does my knees no good at all.

2 walls panelled

It’s also starting to get warmer inside as well, outside temperature has been a pretty steady 11c, at the start i had two 1kw heaters on to raise it to around 15c and was working with a sweatshirt over a t-shirt, now I have just one heater and working in a t-shirt alone.

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