Games Room Conversion Part 2

The choice was made….

We wanted to tidy it up and install a pool table and darts board etc, turning it into a garden games room.

There are a few options for a garage conversion – ranging from a quick coat of paint to full lining and finishing. I wasn’t interested in a quick paint-over as i wanted a room that would be comfortable enough to use for our chosen task, and for future owners to use as an office or studio etc.

The conversion method I selected was to line the ceiling with 12mm plywood, it’s already insulated to make a “warm-roof” where the insulation sits on top of the rafters which are bolted to the steel trusses. The roof itself is architectural PVC coated steel on top of 50mm KingSpan/Celotex and was fitted about 8 years ago, this is a great system and I would not hesitate to fit the same again. Even in this years (2020) heatwave it did not get hot inside.

Roof Lining Underway

It turned out to be a pretty tough job lining the ceiling, ply is about the same weight as plasterboard but easier to handle – it won’t snap if handled roughly, but the roof trusses were not square so each board needed a filler strip down each edge. Each ‘bay’ takes almost one full sheet of 1200mm x 2400mm board plus the two filler strips – the bays are about 2550mm wide.

Mostly Lined and filled

Loads of filler was needed to fill the screw holes plus smooth the transition from the sloping to flat sections at the apex. It looked a lot better for just covering up the grime! The ply will be sealed with an acrylic primer as I want to finish-coat with emulsion paint which does not take too well to bare wood.

Door removed

As you can see above, the up-and-over double door was removed, this was done about 4 years ago – the garage has extremely limited access to the driveway, the original owner just managed to get an MGB car in – these are very small cars, modern ones would not fit at all. I pulled the door off and fitted double wooden doors to one half and a wooden extension shed to the other half to expand the workshop area.

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