Games Room Conversion Part 19

The new windows arrived bright and early so out with the saw and crowbar, two hours later saw both windows fitted and looking very nice. As with the the rest of the walls, the window apertures were off-square and the frames needed a little persuasion to go in but it wasn’t too bad. The insides need some UPVC trim-strips fitting to cover the gaps as the new frames are about 30mm thicker than the old wood ones which left a small gap, too big for mastic.

New windows fitted

The outside of the frames have been sealed with frame sealant but there is some more work to do when the weather gets a bit better, its water-tight though.

After a tea-break I thought I would see how the carpet tiles would be to lay, a couple of hours later it was all laid! Turns out they are easier to lay than I thought 🙂 The adhesive spray used stinks though and I had to wear a full breathing mask rated for spray paint and fumes, I try not to take risks with solvents etc, especially working alone.

Carpet laid

Carpet laid

The paint colours chosen were a perfect match and it all ties together nicely, with the exception of removing the work lights and a good vacuum to get rid of the little carpet trimmings it 100% finished now. The pool table is due in the next 10-12 days, I have some stools to put together and a small table and thats it – playtime!

Total time from advertising the first machine for sale to completion was eight weeks – not too shabby.

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