A Dropped Ceiling for the Dining Room, part 3

Got the dining room completely finished now.  Carpet will be replaced as soon as living room is done.

Living room plastered, mist-coat of emulsion applied and dado rail fitted. When coating new plaster never use PVA as a sealer/primer, emulsion will not stick to PVA and will just peel off, use the cheapest matt emulsion paint thinned with water, I used a 50/50 mix as the paint was pretty thick Dulux matt, also never use a silk emulsion, just basic matt.

Job starts getting easier now 🙂

Painting in the living room is finished, that marks the completion of both rooms, just the carpet fitters needed now. The dropped ceilings really are effective and the LED strips I fitted give more than enough light range for comfort or task uses, the down-lighters give increased light on the main floor area or can be used dimmed for more light scene effects.

The lighting is all smart and also connected to our media system so when a film is played, the lights will automatically dim or turn off and return if the film is stopped or paused. As with the dining room, the LED’s are full RGB plus warm and cool whites – this type gives the biggest flexibility in colour tuning.


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